Live From The Crib | DXCE FM | Biweekly Curated Playlists

We’re so excited to announce a new biweekly series, DXCE FM. These playlists —available on both Apple Music and Spotify— showcase how the DXCEGAME staff is feeling is feeling right now, what we’re rocking with and what we’d kindly suggest you rock with too. Our first edition, DXCE FM 001 features new cuts from MAVI’s latest EP, Key!’s recent LP, The Alpha Jerk, as well as cuts from Madlib, Earl Sweatshirt, Benny the Butcher and, of course, the finally freed Bobby Shmurda.

Links to both streaming services are below, the playlist is also available on the home page. Stay tuned, let us know what you think, tell us what we’re missing out on. Just cuz you’re stuck inside don’t mean it gotta be quiet. Bump this loudly, bother a neighbor, maybe even make a friend. Just do it with DXCE FM.

Make sure to follow us @DXCEGAME across social media platforms for more news, playlists and that classic DXCEGAME je ne se quais.

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