DXCEGAME’s Most Essential Songs of 2020

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2020 has been an odd year for singles. On the one hand, the pandemic and the resultant lack of albums somewhat slowed the pace of singles dropping. On the other hand, the mass online engagement during quarantine has pushed the cycle of virality to its speed limit, creating an environment in which any song from any artist has the potential to blow up into a hit, provided it’s attached to the right meme or the right dance. Furthermore, many artists and labels did decide to drop music, either as a holdover to a larger release or as a main release itself. And of course, in the three months before the world went to shit, some music had dropped. After discussing amongst ourselves, the DXCEGAME team decided to compile our favorite songs of the year into a single playlist for your listening pleasure. So listen and reminisce on the memories that these songs might evoke: your failed, drunken attempt to get a white girl to play “POP” at a party. Getting out of your bag on a cold ass walk soundtracked by Liv.e. Perhaps you were cited for playing Young Nudy on the radio, or you had to stifle a laugh when a white co-worker tried to name-drop Pop Smoke to show off their black bona fides; maybe you were that white co-worker. Maybe you don’t connect to all of the songs on our list, but we hope that you will take that as an opportunity to discover some music you might have missed. Whatever your motivations, you can listen to our “DXCEGAME: Most Essential of 2020” playlist on Apple Music or Spotify. You can also temporarily listen anywhere on dxcegame.com under “DXCEGAME Staff Playlists” (the highlighted playlist will be updated).

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